How Landscape Design & Development Works

After choosing your plan(s) and submitting your information, we will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and assess the uses and functions of the area that will be planned.  During this Preliminary Design Meeting, you will receive a landscape design quote based on your budget and project size. Also, you will be assigned a landscape architect to consult with about specific details. Your landscape architect will work directly with you through a comprehensive design and revision process and prepare a schematic plan that illustrates the design of your property based on the elements you desire. The plan will be reviewed and discussed thoroughly at your convenience. You will have the opportunity to make revisions or ask questions because we want to guarantee your satisfaction.

Step 1: Choose your Plan(s)

Step 2: Submit Your Project Details

a. Site Survey and Base Map Preparation
b. Photographs of your Property
c. Landscape Site & Needs Assessment  

Step 3: Meet Your Landscape Architect

a. Discuss your Project
b. Get Quote and Payment Information
c. Collaborate throughout the Design Process

Step 4: Build Your Project

a. Receive your Professional Plan(s) via email or UPS  
b. Obtain Bids through our Preferred Contractor Network
c. Enjoy your New Backyard!

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