Landscaping FAQs

What is the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer?    

A landscape architect is a legal term established by the state, this person must complete a 5 year degree at an accredited college followed by 3 or 4 years apprenticeship under a registered landscape architect.  Subsequently they must pass a rigorous national licensing exam to legally use the title “Landscape Architect” on business cards, advertisements, or any publications that are disseminated to the public.  You can compare the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer much as you would compare a doctor with a nurse or a lawyer with a paralegal.  

Why should I use a landscape architect versus a landscape contractor for my project? 

Most landscape contracting companies require a design fee in order to start work on your design. This fee is considered a deposit on your project, so, the client feels obligated to use that contractor.  In most states, a landscape contractor may only provide design services if they perform the installation or construction.  

Typically, landscape contractors don't have designers on staff with the level of experience and education to satisfy your design needs. It could be that as you get into the process, you find that you're not happy with the design and/or that you don't click with that particular contractor. Moreover by having a professional consultant advocating your wants, needs and budget, your interest is protected. This makes your buying experience more enjoyable and avoids the hassle of deciphering different companies and their proposals.

PlanWorx™ allows you the freedom to get your project priced anywhere and to choose which construction company works best for you without committing to one company. It allows for comparative apples to apples bidding.  It could also be that your budget only allows you to start on one part of your project but without a master plan to guide you it becomes very difficult. 

What if I only need a specific service or have a special request? 

With PlanWorx™, we offer an array of services and will customize any package for you.  Just give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will help you design a package that fits your needs. 

I don’t have a Survey Plat and I am unable to measure my property correctly.  What can I do?

Knäak Design Group, LLC employs designers throughout Arizona, Florida, and Texas that can measure your property. If you do not reside in any of those states, we can hire licensed real estate appraisers that will come out to your home and accurately measure your property for you. Additional fees may apply.

How do we budget the installation of our landscape?  Do you discuss a budget for the project so that you don't design something that I could never afford?

Absolutely, after reviewing your Site & Needs Assessment Form we will schedule a Preliminary Design Meeting over the phone to go over your wants and needs in more depth including your budget.  We always keep in mind your budget when designing.  Most of our clients prefer a Master Plan be done keeping in mind that the project will be built in phases. Our goal is to give professional solutions for mindfully-budgeted homeowners.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept credit or debit card payments via PayPal, checks, or money order.

I am a DIY warrior. How can this benefit me?

By having an expert on your side, you can have a better experience by saving unnecessary trips to the box store and have a better grasp on the material ordering to help expedite your project. You will have the benefit of professional guidance to manage your project more efficiently.

I want to build a pool.  Why would I use a landscape architect versus a pool contractor?  

Pool contractors build pools.  Most pool contractors and pool salesman don’t have an extensive design background.  Most will sell “cookie-cutter” pools that they build over and over because it’s easy.  A landscape architect is formally trained to reflect the owner’s lifestyle as well as the architecture of their home while still giving careful consideration to the characteristics of the site.  The result is that you end up with a pool design that is unique to your site as well as your personality.  Please ask us about our PoolWorx℠ program that can help you save you thousands of dollars on your pool construction.

How many changes or revisions are allowed?   

One (1) revision per plan type is allowed after the schematic design has been presented. The Preliminary Design Meeting is geared to help us understand your project thoroughly. We ask pertinent information and questions to reveal your design intent and the overall purpose of what you are trying to achieve so that the revision process is minimal. We urge our clients to take their time reviewing their preliminary plans and ask as many questions as they would like to avoid any additional fees. Revision charges are based on their complexity.